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Our STory ...

We, and in turn Tasmania, can thank our 9 year old daughter for the creation of Little Devil Donuts! 

After a family trip to Canada where we always visit a Toronto institution, Tiny Toms Donuts, we returned home to Hobart and starting lamenting that there wasn't a local mini-donut business.  Tiny Toms cook their donuts right in front of you which is super fun to watch and makes for the freshest and tastiest donuts we've come across.  And believe me, we've sampled quite a few!! 

We decided that the only donuts worth eating had to be bite-sized and made 30 seconds before you eat them.   We make our donuts exactly that way using a machine imported from the US and serve them by the dozen. 

In January 2019 our family crossed the great south-north divide of Tasmania and we now call Launceston home.  You will still see us at  our favourite festivals around Hobart but predominantly now in the North of this fine state.


We hope that you will love our donuts too!


The family behind Little Devil Donuts
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